What You Can Do to Keep Your Roof Healthy

A roof is an important part of any home that can be quite an investment. There are many different options for roofs that are available today, but one of the most popular options are asphalt shingles. Roofs are designed to last many years as long as they are properly maintained and receive any roofing services fayetteville nc a needed. Not maintaining a roof properly can take years off its life so here are a few things that you can do to make sure that your roof lasts for decades.

Seal It Up

It’s important to make sure that the sealant on your roof is in good shape to prevent damage and leaks. You need to inspect every part of your roof for signs of cracks or other damage. If there are areas in need of repair, it will be necessary to remove the old sealant before applying new.

Check Your Shingles

Replacing individual shingles is generally inexpensive as long as the damage is not extensive. While you may not think it would be necessary to clean shingles, it can prevent the growth of moss and other organisms that can cause damage to your roofing material. Damaged shingles are just part of the normal wear and tear of roofs and it’s sometimes possible to make smaller repairs yourself. If you are not sure you can do the job properly, it’s important to call a professional to prevent the damage from getting worse in the future because of an improper repair.

Look for Rust

Even if you have asphalt shingles, there most likely are at least some metal parts of your roof. You need to make sure that these are not rusted as they may lead to weakened integrity of your roof especially if they rust completely through. Once you remove the rust with a wire brush, priming and painting the areas that were affected could make them last longer.

Clean Your Gutters

Clogged gutters can cause a lot of problems beyond falling off of the house. When too much water accumulates in your gutters, it can sometimes get underneath the structure of your roof. When water cannot drain from the roof properly because of clogged gutters, the excess water can damage the shingles and cause them to wear down. It can also encourage the growth of moss and other organisms that could damage your roof.

Trim Branches

If there are overhanging branches over your home, they should be trimmed to prevent damage to your roof. When leaves build up on your roof, it can cause shingles to rot due to the retention of moisture. This rot makes the shingles weak and eventually cause structural problems.

Prevent Ice Damage

While ice may be pretty looking at, it can cause a lot of damage to your home. By properly insulating your home and roof, you can make sure that your roof stays cool which will prevent ice from melting and refreezing on your roof.