The Six Top Choices for Flooring

Carpet is a popular choice because when properly chosen and maintained, it can last longer than some other flooring types, lowering its cost as the years go by. While the most popular selling wall to wall carpets tend to be solid colors, there are various patterns and prints that can accept your decor and look good for years to come. Carpet and pad are soft underfoot, are never cold like tile or stone flooring and offers a bit of sound absorption as well, making your home cozy, quieter and comfortable.

If you don’t want carpet, laminate may be an option for you. It offers the variety and look of real wood and wears well at a lower price point than real wood. Laminate flooring can stand up to spills and high traffic while adding a positive style statement. Spills clean up easily and laminate lasts for a long time. Installation is easy and you can find any laminate installation services cincinnati oh as well.

The rich look of hardwood flooring helps it to remain popular. It is long lasting and beautiful. While the cost is higher than vinyl, laminate and some tile, the longer you can maintain it, the more economical it is. If you have children and pets just be aware, they can damage the floors with spills, scratches, etc. While this could be a problem for other types of flooring, refinishing can bring hardwood floors back to life.

Cork flooring is not widespread, but its popularity is consistently growing. Many people limit its use to certain areas rather than have it throughout the home, but cork has its benefits. It is a softer flooring than tile or stone and absorbs some sound as well. It is a good choice for homes that tend to be noisy and it’s is a good option for those who want a softer flooring type that is not cold to the touch. There is a wide variety of colors of cork flooring and it is eco-friendly as well.

Whether you would like to express some creativity or add a long-lasting flooring choice, tile might be what you have been looking for. There are many styles and color choices and some tiles are handmade, so you will know that only you have a particular type of tile. The vast number of ways it can be arranged allows for customization and an eye-catching addition to your decor. Tile can be hard underfoot and rugs may be added to give the flooring a touch of warmth.

Found in millions of homes around the world, tried and true vinyl flooring is a very popular choice due to the ease of installation and its low cost. Today’s vinyl flooring is very appealing, with some styles that look like stone or hardwood without the upkeep and higher costs to install and maintain. Vinyl flooring still remains a popular choice for bathrooms, foyers, and kitchens because it can take water, spills and dirt and simply be swept and mopped to keep it looking like new.